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Accompanied descents in canoe, kayak and rafting

We offer an exceptional discovery of the river Drôme, among the cleanest and wild of Europe. Renting a canoe or kayak at Yvan is to benefit, in addition to a boat and a modern and adapted equipment, from the reception and advice of the most experienced licensed instructor of the Drôme River.
Going down is good, but learning is better. Yvan Loisirs, it is also a real school with initiations, training courses, and accompanied descents , for individuals and groups, from 7 to 77 years, for all levels.

Leisure base
Quai du docteur Jobin, Saillans, Drôme

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Yvan Loisirs also offers water hikes and canyoning.

Passionate by Whitewater sports, in love with nature, Yvan grew up in the heart of the Drôme, with a river and a valley that he explored in their most secret recesses.
A patented state monitor, he has offered his services and expertise, for 25 years, to several tourist structures in the Drôme Valley, before creating his own sports activity base in Saillans, in 2010.

Rates for rent per person

4 km€17
Vercheny7 km€19
Pontaix14 km€22
Sainte Croix18 km€24
Die22 km€26

Paddles, vests and helmets are provided.

For classes, accompanied descents in canoe, kayak or rafting and groups: Contact us!

Important Instructions:
For all aquatic activities, it is imperative to wear appropriate shoes, to bring water to hydrate and to know how to swim.
A parental authorisation will be required for unaccompanied minors.

Certified Customer Reviews

    Review rating 5  Very friendly reception by a very professional team. A great souvenir of the descent of the Drôme between Die and Saillans

    Thumb Olivier Cussac

    Review rating 5  

    Thumb Chris

    Review rating 5  Heerlijk op eigenaar Frans, from lijkt op een piraat hahah

    Thumb Frikkee Mitchell

    Review Rating 4  

    Thumb Michelle Black